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A home inspection provides you with the information you need in Owatonna, MN and Faribault, MN

One of the most important steps in the process of buying or selling a home is an inspection. While some homeowners and buyers are sure they'll see everything they need to know, a home inspection looks at the property from top to bottom. Deming Home Inspection offers:

When you need to be confident in the price of the home you're buying or selling, a home inspection will get you the information you need. Call 507-475-2383 today to schedule a home inspection in the Owatonna, MN and Faribault, MN area.

5 reasons to invest in a home inspection

A professionally trained eye can tell you a lot about a home. A home inspection will reveal:

  1. Any potential safety issues
  2. Any structural problems
  3. Any existing flaws
  4. Any pest infestations
  5. Any illegal additions or installations

We'll also provide maintenance instructions and home improvement advice. These are little things that you might not ask a seller to repair, but that you should be aware of should you want to upgrade or make any changes to the home. Learn more about the information a home inspection can provide by contacting Deming Home Inspection today.

Our background in construction helps with inspections

Our background is in home construction. We apply nearly 40 years of experience in that industry to the home inspection services we provide. With experience building all types of houses, we're able to see a home's features and faults through a more critical eye. We're a member of the Midwest Association of Home Inspectors and serve South Central Minnesota. Contact Deming Home Inspection for a thorough home inspection.

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